Unless otherwise indicated, scores, tapes, and performance materials are available from the composer.

Aether Go  for violin and computer processing, 2009, duration: 11 minutes

Antigonish  for pianist/speaker, 2012, duration: 7 minutes

Dulcet Mimicry  for soprano saxophone and interactive sounds, 2002, duration: 11 minutes.7

Flute Thing  for flute and tape operator, 1970, duration: 10 minutes.2,3

Into A Butterfly’s Wings for piano solo, 2015, duration: 8 minutes.

In Spirit and Stone  for the Midi Keyboard, 1991, duration: 9 minutes.

Music for Clarinet and Tape  for clarinet and prerecorded tape, 1973, duration: 5 minutes.2

Music II for Clarinet and Tape  for clarinet and prerecorded tape, 1977, duration: 9 minutes.

Music for Flute and Electronic Sounds  for flute and prerecorded tape, 1987, duration: 13 minutes.1,7

Music of Twelve Centers  for piano, 1981, duration: 27 minutes.1,6

Order and Alliance  for piano and prerecorded tape, 1991, duration: 11 minutes.1,4

Pierian Snap  for piano solo, 2012, duration: 8 minutes

Rhapsody  for solo cello, 1982, duration: 5 minutes.1,7

Somnium  for solo cello, 2016, duration: 3 minutes.1,7

The Interval of Shadow  for solo clarinet, 2012, duration: 10 minutes.

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