Creely Songs

for mezzo-soprano and double bass, 1993, duration: 11 minutes.1

Three Poems

by Robert Creeley

  from his collection - Windows


I could get

all of it.

I could say


I wish I could

just get even. 

I’m here.

I’m still here. 

When did

it happen. 

Where was


I wish I could

just get even. 

Now you’ve

gone away. 


wants to stay. 

Here I am.

Here I am.



Up the edge of the window out to

tree’s overhanging branches sky

light on facing building up to

faint wash blue up on feet ache

now old toes wornout joints make

the wings of an angel so I’d fly.




What’s gone is gone.

What’s lost is lost.

What’s felt as pulse-

what’s mind, what’s home.

Who’s here,where’s there-

what’s patience now.

What thought of all,

why echo it.

Now to begin-

Why fear the end.


Creeley Songs 

Charlotte Paulsen, mezzo-soprano, and Peter Paulsen, doublebass




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1 Published by Theodore Presser Co., Inc.

2 Published by Carl Fischer, Inc. = available from Theodore Presser Co., Inc.

3 Recorded by CRI. - available from New World CRI :  Catalog No. NWCRL484

4 Recorded by SEAMUS Recordings

5 Available from the Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music

6 Recorded by Black Canyon Recordings

7 Recorded by Albany Records

T   © Larry Nelson 2017