AuraMotion II

for Bb clarinet and processing, 2013, duration: 8 minutes.


            “AuraMotion II” for clarinet and digital processing was composed in 2013.   It is essentially a revision of “AuraMotion” for wind controller and interactive electronic sounds from 1994.  Processing in the work involves several modules that delay, pitch shift, pan, smear, or record and playback the guitar sound.  Although most parameters of the piece are precisely controlled and notated, there is no metric pulse.  Instead there is considerable freedom for the performer to “time” events according to expressive and emotional involvement of the performance.  The work is in three sections, the middle section being an "aria".

              As is consistent with many of my other electronic works, AuraMotion II  is a piece in which I have composed for "instrument and computer music accompaniment."  The computer will listen to the notes the performer plays or how loud the note was played and then respond according to my instructions.   This creates a situation in which the performer has control over the events of the piece by his/her musical gestures (not by pressing foot pedals or other kinds of hardware controls). 


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