In Spirit and Stone

for the Midi Keyboard, 1991, duration: 9 minutes.

            In Spirit and Stone exists in two versions; this version for piano and tape, and a version composed for an 88-note MIDI controller and interactive electronic sounds.          Notation in the score of the tape part is intended primarily to indicate timing with pitch information secondary.

            The structure of this version of the work can be diagrammed as follows:

 measures       materials        manipulation comments

1-3                  Intro                                       tape solo

4-6                  "A" section                             piano introduction

6-52                "B" section

              6-34              "a" sub-section

            34-38             "b" sub-section                      five statements

            40-52             "c" sub-section                      split in middle

52-69             "C" section                             tape interlude

69-70             "A" section     retrograde-inversion

71-115           "B" section     retrograde-inversion

            71-84             "c" sub-section                      split in middle

            87-91             "b" sub-section                      five statements

            93-115           "a" sub-section                                 

116-155         "D" section                             piano solo

155-197         "B" section     inversion

            155-178         "a" sub-section

            179-182         "b" sub-section                      five statements

            185-197         "c" sub-section                      split in middle

197-198         "A" section     inversion

198-215         "C" section                             tape interlude

215-216         "A" section     retrograde

217-265         "B" section     retrograde

            217-229         "c" sub-section                      split in middle

            233-237         "b" sub-section                      five statements

            239-265         "a" sub-section                                 

268-276         Cadenza and Ending

                   "A" section in Prime, Retrograde-Inversion, Inversion, and Retrograde successively


Timothy Blair, Midi Keyboard

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