Unless otherwise indicated, scores, tapes, and performance materials are available from the composer.

Amble Tableaux

for guitar, double bass, and percussion, 2001, duration: 18 minutes.
Glenn Lyons, guitar, Peter Paulsen, bass, Chris Hanning, percussion

Cadenzas And Interludes

for clarinet and percussion, 1975, duration: 11 minutes.
Ben Christy, clarinet, M. B. Gordy, percussion


for fifteen instruments, 1986, duration: 23 minutes.
The Penn Contemporary Players, Richard Wernick, conductor


for flute, string quartet, and piano, 1986 (rev. 1988), duration: 12 minutes.
The Pennsylvania Chamber Players

Danceable Haze

for vln, vla, vc, & pno, 2005, duration: 15 minutes7
Fran Berge, violin, Scott Wagner, viola, Heidi Jacob, cello, Charles Abramovic, piano

Dance In The Prism

for clarinet, trumpet, and prerecorded tape, 1989, duration: 12 minutes.
Alison Herz, clarinet, John Thysen, trumpet


for cello and piano, 1972, duration: 7 minutes.2
Eugene Klein, cello, Charles Gangemi, piano

Divertissement Pour L'esprit

for cello and piano, 2016, duration: 7 minutes.


for brass choir, 1993, duration: 7 minutes.
West Chester University Brass Ensemble, Lee Southall, director

Garden Of Circular Paths

for 6 clarinets (1 Eb, 3 Bb, 2 Bass), 2016, duration: 12 minutes.

In Silence, In Memory

for piano and chamber orchestra, 1994, duration 18 minutes1,5
Barry Hannigan, piano, The Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, David Stock, conductor

La Luna Piena

for violin, trumpet, and piano, duration 8'20"
JC Dobrzelewski, trumpet, Jan Dobrzelewski, violin, Carl Cranmer, piano

Loose Leaves

for chamber ensemble (9 players), 1989, duration: 19 minutes.1,5
Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, director

The Monkey’s Raincoat

for flute ensemble (2 piccolos, 4 flutes, 2 alto, 2 bass, 1 contrabass), 2016, duration: 8 minutes


for cello and piano, 1975, duration: 10 minutes.2,3
Lloyd Smith, cello
Rheta Smith, piano

Nocturne Canons

for two piano, 2016, duration: 10 minutes.

Poem of Soft Music

for flute, cello, and piano, 1975, duration: 10 minutes.2,3
The Huntingdon Trio

Quartet Jove

for violin, viola, cello, and piano, 1984, duration: 10 minutes.
Le Nouveau Chamber Ensemble

Recalcitrant Siren

for chamber ensemble (14 players), 2006, duration: 4 minutes.
Orchestra 2001, James Freeman, Director

Reading Basho

for 10 players), 2016, duration: 9 minutes.

Shimmer Stick

for 3 percussionists, 1997, duration: 12 minutes.
Cincinnati Percussion Group


for flute, oboe, and cello, 1983, duration: 25 minutes.
The Huntingdon Trio

  • Mvt 1
  • Mvt 2
  • Mvt 3
  • Mvt 4

The Starry Messenger

for flute and piano, 1996, duration: 10 minutes.2
Christina Jennings, flute, Marcantonio Barone, piano


for oboe and string quartet, 1989, duration: 14 minutes.1
Academy Chamber Players

TnT (Thaleia and Terpsichore)

for trumpet, trombone, and piano, 2017, duration: 11 minutes.

String Quartet: Excelsior

for string quartet, 1992, duration 16 minutes.1
Millennium Chamber Society


for twelve instruments, 1970, duration: 12 minutes.
The New Music Art Ensemble, Larry Nelson, conductor

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