“Lavender Chorales” album of Electro-acoustic music released

Lavender Chorales - An ElectroAcoustic Album composed by Larry Nelson 

     1. Center 12-B Chorale Based on the chorale sections of Larry Nelson’s ‘Music of Twelve Centers #12’ 

     2. Clouds And Waves Text of poem “Clouds And Waves” by Rabindranath Tagore, chorale improvisation by Larry Nelson 

     3. Surrounded by Foam Text from “Sinfonia en gris mayor “ by Ruben Darío, chorale from Larry Nelson’s ‘Inferno in Grey Major’ 

     4. Prune Text of novelette chapter 1 “Prune” by William Gammill, chorale from Larry Nelson’s ‘Prune’ for reciter and computer 

     5. A Soft Song Based on ‘kantorloop‘ sample from ‘Chaconne/Kanterloop’ composed by Heiner Gopebbels 

     6. Mull Over Marley Based on recordings of Marley, my OSH cat, chorale from Larry Nelson’s ‘Inferno in Grey Major’

Upcoming Premieres and Performances:

The Monkey’s Raincoat - for flute ensemble will be premiered by the West Chester University Flute Ensemble, directed by Kim Reighley, at West Chester University on November 29, 2017.

Three Rumi Songs - for SATB chorus and piano will be  performed by the Strath Haven Cantata during the spring of 2018.

Divertissement pour L'espirit - for cello and piano will be  premiered by Ovidiu Marinescu and Andrew Hauze during the fall of 2018.

Nocturne Canons - for two pianos will be  premiered by the piano duo, Hocket, during the spring of 2018.

Audio and Video Rcordings of my music recently added:

Six Rumi Songs

T   © Larry Nelson 2017