Order and Alliance

for piano and prerecorded tape, 1991, duration: 11 minutes.1,4

            Order and Alliance, for piano and electronic sounds, was completed in the late spring of 1991 and is dedicated to pianist, Sylvia Glickman.  It is in one movement of approximately 11 minutes' duration.  The title suggests the distinct and cooperative nature of the work - "order" in that the electronic sounds of the tape have been precisely generated by computer-controlled synthesizers while the score for the pianist is also precisely notated with considerable demands for rythmic and melodic adherence to the notated instructions and with no allowance for timing deviation, - and "alliance" in that the sounds of both piano and tape blend together in a sense of harmony; the electronic sounds have a greater sense of human-ness as a result of the pianist's spontaneous performance and the piano is sonically extended via the electronically generated accompaniment. Through this order and alliance, the piece runs the gamut of emotions: It is playful, songful, energetic, and wistful.

Barry Hannigan, piano

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1 Published by Theodore Presser Co., Inc.

2 Published by Carl Fischer, Inc. = available from Theodore Presser Co., Inc.

3 Recorded by CRI. - available from New World CRI :  Catalog No. NWCRL484

4 Recorded by SEAMUS Recordings

5 Available from the Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music

6 Recorded by Black Canyon Recordings

7 Recorded by Albany Records

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