TnT (Thaleia and Terpsichore)

for trumpet, trombone, and piano, 2017, duration: 11 minutes


         “TnT” (Thaleia and Terpsichore) is composed for trumpet, trombone, and piano.  Thaleia and Terpsichore were two of the nine Muses, the goddesses of music, song and dance.  Thaleia was named Muse of comedy and bucolic poetry. In this guise she was portrayed with the attributes of comic mask, shepherd's staff and wreath of ivy.  Terpsichore was named Muse of choral song and dancing, and depicted with a lyre and plectrum.  This is a piece with moments of solemnity, bursts of comedy, and instances of toe-tapping propulsion.  The momentum changes frequently and without anticipation.


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T   © Larry Nelson 2017