Aether Go

for violin and computer processing, 2009, duration: 11 minutes.

            My electronic works have generally been composed in the traditional "instrument and tape" format which, given the timing inflexibility of the tape, compromises the player. Aether Go is one of a series of pieces in which I have composed for " acoustic instrument and computer music."  The computer will listen to the notes the performer plays and then respond according to my instructions.   This creates a situation in which the performer has control over the events of the piece by his/her musical gestures. 

            Aether Go is an interactive work for violin and computer processing.  In this case the computer processes the sounds of the violin to create sonic copies that are pitch shifted, time shifted, and/or timbrally shifted.  Among the specific DSP modules are a dual delay unit, which allows two simultaneous but independently controllable echoes, and a quad pitch shifter that can create chords, as well as granulation modulation modules that create real-time control of modulation frequency and depth.

The work is in three sections, the middle section being a somewhat suspended exploration of gestures heard earlier in the first, more metrically controlled section.

Lina Bahn, violin

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