Nocturne Canons

for two pianos, 2016, duration: 10 minutes


The music of Frederic Chopin is most elegant both in terms of expression and in terms of harmonic imagination.  I am particularly enamored of the Nocturnes of Opus 27 and the Preludes of Opus 28.  Chopin’s gestures seem particularly musical.  I wondered about the possibility of combining this musicality with contrapuntal and harmonic textures of my own creation.  I began to think about the possibilities and assembled some sketches. 

The larger formal structure is;

A   measures 1-61         introduction and canons, flowing,

B   measures 62-93      slow and suspended

A’ measures 93-110     brief recall of section A

C   measures 110-123   very slow

A’’  measures 123-end  recall of section A


“Nocturne Canons” is composed for HOCKET, the Los Angeles piano duo.



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